I start my family portrait!

Crazy family: a funny personalized portrait

Who are we ?

breezy family team


From the left to the right, let me introduce our team:

  • VANESS: "Hello, it's me! I'm in charge of personalizing your order"
  • JUJU: "I have a new idea again... well, please stay... Listen to me!"
  • ALI, aka Eagle Eye: "Everything has to be PERFECT: D"
  • DAM'S the Handyman: "I am MULTI-TASK, ask me, it's done!"
  • Then we also have EMY the Connected girl, MARION, EVELYNE, LÉA... a lot of girls :)
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  • And finally LILO, our mascot: half bulldog, half bat!: "I am the backseat driver. Don't worry, I keep an eye on them!"

Indeed, seen like that, we don't look really professional!
But those who know us or those who had the chance to meet us on one of our exhibitions, will tell you that we are rather hardworking...

Our small family business is located in Pierrelatte, in the Drôme Provençale (South of France), under the sun. We work in a workshop on a human scale, with walls that we are constantly pushing back!

We live, dream and eat "Breezy Family" every single day. To sum up, it's good humor, laughter, happy customers, meetings, comments that warms our hearts... What a great adventure!


What do you think ?

Thank you all for your messages, it balances our hearts.

Il y a 2 mois

Second order on the site, a remarkable job and a very fast delivery (order on Tuesday afternoon received on Friday in relay point!) Thank you for your work ???? !

Camille Mou
Il y a 2 mois

Great setting and very true to reality!

Aurélien Gardon
Il y a 2 mois

Super the site "Breezy Family" sends super fast and of very good quality.

Nico Ntn
Il y a 2 mois

Order received today, it's been very fast :) really very happy with the result, thank you very much!

Ti-low Mlt
Il y a 2 mois

Hello, thank you again! I love our canvas!

Il y a 2 mois

1st order recently placed and very satisfied with the result (deadline, article, packaging...). Do not hesitate to order...

Chou Choupe

Your family portrait !

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