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Hen party gift

Nothing like fun activities, surprises and original gifts to enjoy a hen party. Make this day unforgettable.

Breezyfamily has the perfect gift for a hen party. Our family frame, once personalised, is the best idea to make its mark.

This original gift will allow different things which will all come down to your creativity. You could recreate the bride’s family-in-law but also, the squad taking part in this bachelorette party. Grace with her mojito, Holly looking herself in the mirror, Madison on the phone and of course, the future bride in her wedding dress. An unusual gift with memories which will last.

Add a line to make it even more personal : “There’s no one like you”, “to the future bride” or decide to be funnier to stay in the hen party spirit “Rocking bride”, “too late to put a ring on her”.

I create my gift for a hen party !