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Grandfather's day

Call him how you want: granddad, grandpa, gramp, pop… Anyway, he’ll always be here for us when we need him !

No other men are like our granddads… Always ready to laugh !

His birthday is coming ? The time has come to give back all the good treats he’s given you these past years. He’s about to be 70? 80 ?

They seem to be in the need from nothing… However, a Breezyfamily frame could be the greatest idea to surprise him in a good way.

How about you’d make your own family portrait, all around him ? Choose funny characters to represent their natural habits : Grandma with a big heart, Mummy with a Mojito, Daddy stucked with his phone, Auntie and nunky in the kitchen, cousins with sport outfits, etc. Everyone on the same frame, in a funnier way than usual. Breezyfamily is the good idea you need to have for your grandfather.

Grandfather’s Day happens every year, in the beginning of October. Don’t wait too much to realise the best frame possible for your granddad. A frame with everyone he loves on it. He’ll hang it up close to him, in his bedroom, his garage or workshop.

I create my gift for Grand-Father’s Day