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Wedding gift

Someone’s getting married ? A close family member, a friend or a colleague ? A wedding gift is required !

Required certainly… Nevertheless finding the perfect one can give several headaches. Original ? Fun ? Useful ? Every guest desires to bring the gift which delight the most the newlyweds.

Breezyfamilly is confident. We own this famous gift. With our family portrait, you’ll get a personalised gift. Original and fun.

Design a frame with funny characters representing the bride and the husband. Sir within his sport gear, a chef outfit or in his wedding suit. The lady with her Mojito, as a football player, in business woman or in her wedding dress.

Add a line on this same frame to express your congratulations, say “best wishes”, “congratulations partners.” If you want to be funnier than that, think of “No more choice” or “Thank you for the free meal”.

I create a wedding gift