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Father's day

Offer something original to a man is not the easiest part when it comes to presents. It can get even harder if the man in question, is your dad.

Your dad is 30, 40, 50, 60, or more, this is his birthday? Do something different this year, be original! Give him a unique gift that no one else could have. Breezyfamily is perfect in this situation.

You’ve got many opportunities to make your dad happy.

Father’s Day is the best way to surprise him! If that’s not the case for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is set at the same date in UK and in the rest of the world. It happens every year, at the third Sunday of the June month. There is no better way to show your love to him during this day. A family portrait might be the perfect gift idea for your Daddy.

Create a funny frame for him, choose funny characters representing each family member. Your sister, brother, mother, pets, anything is possible !

- Add a title to your frame is one other option to personalise even more this gift. “We love you Dad”, “The strongest dad” or “Happy Father’s Day”, the possibilities are infinite.

- If you tend to use a funnier approach, say “my father rocks” or “What a dad you are!"

I create my gift for Father’s Day