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We are a French craft company based in Drôme Provençale.

We imagine, create, manufacture all our characters directly from our workshop.


In the interests of quality, we manufacture the entire frame in our workshop. We use MASSIF fir wood, which is less and less common given the cost of production.

We prefer to have quality supervision 100% handcrafted. Wood being a living material, our frames can, randomly, naturally include a small knot or natural color differences. This is what makes the charm of natural products.

The wood has no special treatment, it is raw and very finely sanded.

- Our frames are made with a unique framing stick profile that belongs to us.

- The bottom of the frame is reconstituted wood, MdF.

- NEW FOR 2019: Our characters and decorations are printed on painter's canvas.

- Hanging system: Cord stapled to the back of the frame.

- Frame External dimensions: total height between 19.5 and 20cm.
The frame lengths depend on the number of characters you have selected (dimensions given with a variable margin of error between 5 and 10mm)