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Become a Partner with Breezy Family

Breezy Family®, an original gift that has already won over more than 80 000 customers.

Personalized portraits to make yourself and to offer to loved ones.

The Breezy Family® concept:

We have all once wanted to create our avatar. While there are many applications, none can recreate all or part of our family and turn it into a decorative frame.

The unique and fun concept proposed by Breezy Family is based on the development of a configurator, easy to use, with more than 5 million of possibilities.  

While it allows for a virtual representation of the chosen people, the resemblance is found in physical and behavioral character traits.

It is the great knowledge of the people on your frame, that make the concept successful and bearer of happiness within the whole family !


Breezy Family®, a family offer for all generations!

Our product:

Handcrafted in France, the portraits are printed on canvas.
Our frames are entirely made in our workshops, in the most noble part of the wood, guaranteed without knots.

The dimensions, from 15 to 140 cm wide, adapt to all sizes of families, even the largest (up to 24 people).


How to make a portrait?

1 - Identify the family members you want to represent on your frame (don’t forget your pets!)

2 - Select the physical characteristics of the face and head, the favourite hobby or the passion for the body, and finally personalise your character with accessories.

3 - Choose the background of your frame according to the season (winter, summer holidays), to the place or a special event (Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, …)


Breezy Family®, a win-win exchange!

How it works:

1/ Share our free offer “Cover Picture” with your followers on your profile

2/ Win your personalised frame and/or propose other operations : promo code, giveaways, …

3/ Editorial writing validated together with post of your portrait.

4/ Link on our website of your blog or profile. Win-win exchange!



Breezy Family®, a human partnership above all!

Breezy Family® will bring you:

- A panel of diversified readers: decoration, humor, sports, creative hobbies, full-time mom ...

- Credibility by defending honorable values: family, friendship, life events that affect us.

- A partnership that will give you the benefit of a human community to increase your followers and interactions on your profile!

- The possibility to make your passion or hobbies in value in a different and free way

- You are the only one who knows how to make interaction with your community

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