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Colleague gift

Across the Channel from where Breezyfamily comes from, a new celebration day has been created in 2013. Every year during October, French companies enjoy “colleagues day.”

The concept is basic. Gather every co-workers together and enjoy within the company a pleased moment between colleagues. This might be a suitable time to get to know a particular co-worker, exchange with someone, have fun but also to fortify a good state of mind inside the team.

Colleagues day may push co-workers to get together for a drink, having dinner or around a team building activity. No specific rule apply for this special day. Each company feels free to do whatsoever it thinks it’s the best. There’s one aim though : cohesion.

This celebration day is also a good reason to show sympathy to your colleague. It could be the opportunity to change this celebration into a gift day. A personalised gift could remind the great moments spent at the office. The family portrait meets these needs. A unique gift for your colleagues next door.

The family portrait is an affordable and special gift. You can make it personal by adding a special sentence for him/her as “great colleague”, “the coolest co-worker.” Put another line with his/her name “Lois, you’re a great colleague.” If you want to mention his/her personality, say “Funniest colleague”, “to the best joker”, they’ll like it !

I create a gift for my colleague