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Neighbours’ Day

It usually happens during the last Friday of May, or during the first of June. “Neighbours' Day” has first appeared in great cities to strive against remoteness which frequently detain people from the same neighbourhood, street or building to meet. It is the perfect moment to get to know each other’s, to strengthen existing relationships and to increase pride to live together in the same place. We hold this celebration from France, where it first was launched in 1999.

Neighbours Day is a pleasant party encouraging residents to gather together in an apartment, garden or even in the street. Everyone brings something to eat or to drink, sometimes both, and share with everyone. Music will provide an enjoyable atmosphere.

But this Neighbours Day is also a great reason to surprise everyone will a small attention. A unique gift to show how important the solidarity is.

Breezyfamily has an idea for you. We’ve got an original present you could make : the family portrait! A funny frame with original characters representing your neighbour’s family.

Add a title to make it more personal and use a sentence, for example : “elected neighbour of the year”, “best neighbour ever.” If you know how funny your neighbour is, say “Great neighbours”, or even “we are lucky”.

I create a gift for my neighbours