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Stag party gift

Stag parties must be organised with precise activities. Thrilling activities and bizarre games ! And you can’t forget to bring original gifts.

Finding an idea for a stag party is no picnic however. Add something which will last, despite great memories at the bar or on the go-karting track.
Good news, Breezyfamily has created what you just need : a personalised gift for you friend’s stag party.

The idea is simple: create a funny frame representing different characters. Either his own family, his family-in-law or the bachelor party squad! Lenny with a glass in his hand, Liam at the gym, Mike with his console remote and of course, the future husband with his wedding suit. This will last !

Add a line to make it more personal and say something like: “to our best Bro”, “stag party souvenir” or “future husband.” If you want to remain in the Bachelor party spirit and be funnier, say : “game over” or “it’s getting serious!”

I create my gift for a stag party