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Our clients' decoration tips

You too are the king or the queen of decor. So don't hesitate for a second.

Do like our customers, share your decorating tips with our community.

We will post all the good ideas! In the meantime, enjoy reading ;-)



"I personalize everything I have! So I had fun writing a title on my frame with a black POSCA pen.

Be careful, you must use a water-based paint pen with the used lead. Otherwise disaster!

ink will flow like it happened to me, and there will be smudges. We can always sand the wood in case of error but it is better to be careful! ;-)"

Breezy family: Thank you LUIS

"Effectively do this with caution. At worst you can test on the wood on the back of the frame!"



"I stuck sticks on it for Christmas, it adds color."

Breezy family: Thank you ALILOV.

"It must be great !!! Don't hesitate to send us photos."



"Hello, I put my frame outside on my entry landing but over time I was afraid that the wood would change color, so I varnished it in oak color, it's great! Thank you famillededingue I LOVE "

Crazy family: Thank you Marion 86.

"Be careful with all our customers not to put paint or varnish on the bottom of the frame. I do not recommend varnishing the bottom of the canvas. It can damage it, it is a material that needs to breathe. And above all, do not put your frame in the rain or leave it too long in the humidity! Thank you for sharing your experience. "

Personnalise it yourself ! : 

Allie_graphie : «  We were late for the father's day gift and this is at this perfect moment that we knew about Breezy Family ! I've loved to bring my own part by customizing it myself !  »

Thank you Adeline, we love your family portrait ! Your turn  !